Two Men Before the Virgin

4 Apr

Welcome All! Gnome Mama, Stephanie Beck here and I’m so excited to welcome the absolutely lovely Kate Richards to Plotmamas! Take it awaaaaaay, Kate!


Hi, I’m Kate and I was a M/M writing virgin, until this story. I’d been hesitant…just like any virgin, like the ones in The Virgin Series. Would I be good at it? Could I show the love between two men, an experience I had not had (as a woman could not have) in an accurate and compelling way?

But when I wrote Two Men and a Virgin, a number of my kind readers asked how the guys got together. And these men were already part of me. I knew how they got together, and how much they loved one another, and I was delighted to have the opportunity to share. Rex and Paul’s love is the culmination of years of friendship.  It isn’t something they are particularly comfortable admitting, but  love isn’t always predictable. Or comfortable. It’s a mystery and if it turns out that a lifemate is also a best friend, what greater fortune is there?



Before there were Two Men and a Virgin, there were Two Men. Friends since childhood. Andie’s two prom dates. And her best friends.

I’d love to hear how many people also ended up in a romance with their best friends. I will give a copy of the Virgin series story of their choice to a commenter.

Here’s an excerpt from Two Men to provide a little inspiration:

Paul lifted his duffel then stared at the pink sand beach before him. “So I just wade on in?”

“Yes,” the blonde said, sliding into the water and sloshing in their direction. When she arrived at their side, the water hit her lower thighs. At his height it wouldn’t even hit his knees. “If Donny beaches the taxi, it’s a lot harder to get going again than just letting you off here. Is that okay?” She reached for the hand the pilot offered and hopped onto the deck.

“Sure, no problem.” He kicked off his deck shoes, set his bag down, and dropped in, then grabbed his things and faced shore. “But where do I go when I get on land?”

“Just head straight up the beach to the path. You can’t miss it…there’s one building on the whole island.”

He returned their waves and started toward the date that would change his life. I can’t believe I’ve committed to having sex with a man. He would find out whether that was possible. Whether he could approach Rex when he got home rather than just hint. I’ve had a crush on you for years. Want to fool around? Couldn’t sound lamer. But if this one-night stand didn’t get him out of his system, he would do it. Rex would either be horrified and throw him out on his ass or assume he made another one of his jokes.

But he’d have to be clear as the sea around the island. Provided he could follow through. And since all his previous experiences were with women, he didn’t know for sure.

He had one reason to believe Rex might be interested, and it wasn’t much to go on. How long had he watched him on the couch? Hopefully all the way to the end.

2 Responses to “Two Men Before the Virgin”

  1. Olivia Starke April 4, 2013 at 7:19 am #

    My two bffs are women. One since I was a little girl and the other I’ve known for sixteen years. Romance isn’t really on the table, BUT others have quirked their eyebrows at how close we are lol

  2. katerichards April 4, 2013 at 8:28 am #

    There are connections and connections…thank heavens they aren’t all love connections or we’d be too busy to do laundry or even make that lovely post-coital sandwich :)

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