Author Playdate–Welcome Becca Dale!

30 May

Tis the season of new releases! I’m thrilled to have my friend Becca Dale here, talking about her new release and the great stories you can find to sweeten up you summer!



Becoming our mothers…

Hi everyone. I am so excited to be on Plot Mamas today so in honor of that I had to talk about mamas, right? I look in the mirror, or open my mouth for that matter, and there is my mother in all her glory. Not saying that is a bad thing, it just is. Despite all the ways she is a reflection of her father, my daughter suffers the same fate, I’m afraid. I don’t think it can be avoided. But then again, maybe it shouldn’t be.

The Sweet Series started as food lust that blossomed into love and then into a family who falls hard and fast. In the latest, Sweet Satisfaction, the heroine must confront her submissive nature. A quality that has come down through her mother’s family. Kate spends her life pretending to be someone she’s not in order to avoid the heartache her mother and her aunts have suffered. But denying who she is has become a burden that disallows love. Connor sees beyond the sexy clothes and bold front to the fragile yet capable woman beneath. The family curse of love at first sight ensured he fell hard for Kate when they first met, and he wants nothing more than for her to accept who she is and stop running from what he knows they could have. However, fear of becoming her mother insists she push him away.

Unlike my heroine, I really don’t mind that I am like my mother. As much as she frustrates me some days, (I am certain my daughter feels the same about me) I love her and most of the traits she gave me. She could have kept the hips and the love of all things edible, but otherwise…. :-D So what about you? Becoming our mothers — good, bad, or neutral?

A late night phone call offers a glimpse of the mother/daughter dynamic from Sweet Satisfaction.


“You don’t have a right to judge me or the men in my life, Kate.”

“You’re right. It’s my place to shut up and turn a blind eye.”

“Did you have another question or are we done?”

Kate scrubbed her hands over her face and tried not to scream. “All right, I’m sorry. Again.” Rolling to her back, she stared at the ceiling. “Why’d you stay with them, Mom? Why put up with the abuse?”

“Because I needed them. I’d like to claim I stayed by choice, but we’d both know I lied. Not all of them were abusive. In fact, most weren’t. Including Lloyd. The nose thing was an accident. I’m not like you, darling. You’re so brave and confident, so certain of everything. I’ve never been strong enough to stand alone. Even now, Master Jarvin has only been gone three days and the walls are closing in. I struggle to sleep at night without him to steady me. In fact, when you called, I’d been cleaning the bathroom so I didn’t have to go to bed alone.”

“Mom, you won’t die without a man to tell you what to do all the time.”

“No, but I don’t live without one either.”

“But is that from years of dependency or personal choice? If you hadn’t started living this way, would you be better off now?”

“I am who I am.” A sound too close to a muffled sob drifted over the phone. “I don’t know if I always made the right choices in my life. But I do know that it’s my life. You might not agree with everything I’ve done or everyone I’ve loved, but at least I have loved—deeply and passionately. You on the other hand, my darling girl, too often hide behind that tough veneer and push people away. You will never find someone to share your life if you never show anyone the real you. Master Jarvin said the same thing the other day.”

“Better to be alone than shattered when it ends. I watched you hurt to the brink of suicide too many times to risk loving the wrong man, Mom. I can’t turn my body and soul over to some control freak and hope he handles it with respect. I need to know that I have some power in my life.”

“So are you contemplating a relationship with someone who won’t stand up to you? Or for you? I don’t think a man like that’s any better, and frankly it sounds boring as hell. You’d walk out before the ink dried on the marriage license.”

Connor had said basically the same thing. Kate laughed but there was no humor in the sound. “Why can’t I find a happy medium?”

“What happened to that friend of yours? The nice guy…the lawyer? Why didn’t you ever hook up with him?”

“Because he scares me half to death. Since the first day I met him, I’ve fought my attraction for him.”

“Why fight it if you love him?”

Because he’s Connor. She laughed again. “Because if I allowed myself to be in a relationship with him, I don’t think I’d survive when he walked away.”

“Maybe he would stay.”

He’s already gone.


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  1. Becca Dale May 30, 2013 at 11:02 am #

    Thanks for letting me hang with you ladies today, Stephanie!

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